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Online PF Registration in Delhi


Employee Provident Fund

(EPF) is an initiative designed to provide social security benefits to employees of factory or establishment. In order to avail these benefits employers need to follow few predefined rules, and it starts with PF Registration. 

Any employer having more than 20 employees is mandatorily required to take up the PF Registration.

Benefits For Employees and Company:

EPF savings are meant for financial security and stability to employees after retirement. The savings comprise the employee’s 12% of monthly salary to the EPF, and employer contribution of another 12% of employee’s salary and employer’s shares of the contributions plus the yearly dividends. This scheme provides retirement benefits, incapacitation benefits, death benefits, tax exemption, etc.

Benefits of PF Registration:

✓. You can withdraw total money from PF account when you resign from job
✓. Employees also get Insurance Benefit under PF
✓. Provident Fund Amount is given to Family members of the employees after the death of an employee.
✓. Employees are eligible for Pension after the expiry of employment.
✓. Provident fund contribution by the employer & employee is not a taxable income for Income Tax purpose.

Documents Required For PF Registration:

1. PAN Card and Address Proof of the Factory/Firm/Establishment
2. Copy of bank statement/Cancelled cheque.
3. GST Registration Certificate/ Registration Certificate of Company
4. Copy of Rent Agreement.
5. List of Directors/Partners and Employees.


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