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Online PF Return Filing


Dear Readers, you have already read about EPF in PF registration segment of our website. Now, we will talk about PF Return. It is managed by the Employee Provident Fund Organization of India. It helps employees who are getting salary to save a part of their earnings each month. It is a long-term savings tool that helps the retired employees to lead a financially stable life. A PF subscriber can withdraw a part of his/her savings from the PF for some specific life events. Accountant Firm is with you to help you out in your all crisis. We are based in Delhi. You can contact us at –

How To Withdraw or Manage PF?

Rules for EPF Return:

A salaried person can only withdraw from his/her PF account in only two cases.

1. He/she has no job
2. When two months pass since an employee was last employed. (He/ she should not be attached to any company or unemployed for that time.)

Exception for 2 months rule:

An employee can waive off this rule in following cases:

A. He/she is migrating to abroad permanently and doesn’t expect to return.
B. A female employee leaving the company to look after her newborn.
C. A concerned employee gets job in a foreign location.

An employee can withdraw EPF for following purposes:

  1. Marriage
  2. Purchase of land or construction
  3. Home loan payoff
  4. Retirement
  5. Healthcare
  6. Home alteration/ renovation


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